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    My first thoughts were more along the lines of prayer for the lost, but anyway. I wasn't surprised by the attack though, because Clinton was weak on bin laden and knew, or his agencies knew, that bin laden was a serious threat. They didn't do enough. It seems to me there was no sense of urgency on Clinton's part nor Bush's to do much about bin laden. Bush could have done something in response to the Cole but he didn't, for example. Even Tom Brokaw reporting as it was happening mentioned obl.

    However Bush did a lot in response to the attack on 9/11 and got a whole lot of crap for it. So we can see that Clinton didn't have the same fire about it, no politician before him did either, whether they were afraid of the fallout or what, I don't know. After the bombings in Africa and all the other intelligence gathered during his terms he just didn't seem to take it all that seriously at the time. To hear him talk about it now he wants us to believe he did, but it doesn't seem like it.

    Is it 'cool' to kill any enemy? Necessary, not cool.
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