MSNBC rips Obama's #Julia ad

The cast of Morning Joe blasted the Obama campaign for their new "The LIfe of Julia" website this morning. The original purpose of the ad was to show voters how Obama's policies help women throughout their lifetimes. But as pretty much every member of the show concludes, that effort backfired:

Politico's Mike Allen: "One of the things that those hundreds of young people in the Chicago headquarters do is create viral pieces of content for the web. Things that people will share. This is one that I think may be viral in the wrong way, that I think is a lot bigger on the Republican side, than it is on the Democratic side. The Life of Julia takes her from age 3 to age 67 and at every point along the way the government is giving her a hand."

MSNBC's Willie Geist: "They did lob this up as a softball for Republicans, one conservative saying, 'Who the hell is Julia and why am i paying for her whole life?'"

MSNBC's Joe Scarborough: "Who brushes her teeth?"

Mika Brzezinski: "I don't think it helps. ... I think we are at a state, time in this country where people feel that there is no hope, that they need help so desperately, but at some point we do have to inspire innovation and hope and get people on their way. ... They do need a leg up but then at some point... but their whole life, funded?"

Donnie Deutsch: "Our character is John Wayne, rugged individualism. ... Yes the government is there, but we feel weak in that. You don't feel proud in that. ... In reality, nobody, even a progressive guy like myself, wants to see America portrayed that way."

Geist: "No one wants to think that from the age of three they are going to need the government to take care of them."



Does anybody watch a MessNBC anymore?