American Revolution
Rhode Island declares independence, 1776

Bruce Springsteen releases "Pink Cadillac", 1984

Civil War
Army of the Potomac crosses the Rapidan, 1864

Cold War
Tito dies, 1980

A riot breaks out in Haymarket Square, 1886

An inhumane execution, 1990

Nigerian aircraft crashes in crowded city, 2002

General Interest
The Haymarket Square Riot, 1886

National Guard kills four at Kent State, 1970

Margaret Thatcher sworn in, 1979

Audrey Hepburn born, 1929

Norman Mailer's first novel, The Naked and the Dead, is published, 1948

Gene Vincent records "Be-Bop-A-Lula", 1956

Old West
Jack Slade joins the army, 1847

Lincoln is buried in Springfield, Illinois, 1865

David Frost interviews Richard Nixon, 1977

Willie Mays breaks National League home run record, 1965

Vietnam War
Rusk reports on Viet Cong strength, 1961

Four students killed at Kent State, 1970

World War I
Germany agrees to limit its submarine warfare, 1916

World War II
As the Nazi threat dies, the Red Army rises, 1945