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I think what people need to remember is that Hollade is the first president on the left since I think the 70s. So you can't exactly blame the socialists for getting France into this mess.

Sarkozy was on the right. Not even center-right, but right-right by French standards, so probably center-right by US standards. Sarkozy also was an incredibly corrupt industrialist. Chirac was also on the right (although more center) and also incredibly corrupt. People voted for Hollande because they wanted change.

The real lesson for the US is that a bad president (or really, a series of bad presidents) who wave the flag of conservatism and destroy a country will sour people's taste for the ideals they espouse.

You have to understand that 'right wing' in Europe is still left of center, it's like they get so close to being over the center hump but then trip at the finish line, i.e Saying taxes will be raised in a few months to encourage spending, it says lower taxes encourages spending, but they can't seem to grasp lowering taxes to encourage spending which would allow more revenue since those goods would be taxed at the sale.

That's what we call "liberal logic"