Mason Dixon must be a mole.
18. Excellent point.

I have an actual passport, and one of those credit card passports I can carry in my wallet. Cost me $140. Who the hell is going to spend that kind of dough and wait eight weeks to vote for ANYONE? Especially when you can't even afford a drivers license? WTF? How is this shit not obvious to people?

This is not a pass into a bank's a vote. People might risk years in jail for a shot at the bank vault. Can you really imagine anyone risking imprisonment over ONE VOTE for Barrack Obama? Seriously? Really?
Oh but it is a pass into a bank vault. ITS A VOTE FOR THE PRES OF THE USA. Are you thick? That's more valuable than anything that's in a bank vault.

13. The problem with this argument is that we don't have a problem with "Voter" fraud.

What we have is a problem with ELECTION fraud.

Do some research. Actual voter fraud is very rare.

Election fraud has become all to common.
Prove it. Oh call some guy who died in 1978, he'll tell you.

15. George W. Bush's administration did a lengthy investigation into voter fraud. It's a non issue

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They discovered less than 100 instances nationwide of it happening after a 5 year investigation. See

The issue is election fraud. Like when Katherine Harris purged thousands of what should have been eligible African Americans off the roles in Florida in advance of election 2000. Like when Kenneth Blackwell created restrictive laws regarding the voting in Ohio in 2004 that disproportionally affected urban voters where Democrats have our strongholds. THAT has changed elections.
Suddenly something dubya did is enough for you? Wow.

17. Because you obviously don't really know how the system works...
Yeah hush up and listen cuz Atman knows!
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You have a name on the walk up to a table and say "I'm Joe Blow, my address is 123 Main Street." A 100 year old lady crosses your that name off the list. This is in your neighborhood. The checkers actually know you, or recognize you, and most of the people coming through the lines. Either way, though, that vote is off this list. No one can vote that vote again. So if you're really Bill Blow, at 789 Other Street, and try to vote again, that lady will look at you funny and say huh?

This crap about Mickey Mouse voting is just that...crap. If someone named Mickey Mouse, Orlando came up to my table when I was a checker, I'd probably notice that a) he didn't have huge black ears and red shorts with big white buttons on them, or b) he had a very unusual name and we weren't in Orlando.

So what is wrong with a utility bill just to match up with your name on a paper list? Do you REALLY think someone will dig through trash or break into a house to get an old utility bill of yours just so that they can go commit a major crime by voting for some douchebag? REALLY?
You're calling Oblama that? But the answer is YES.
I could go on and on...the arguments are ridiculous. The percentage of actual voter fraud nationwide look like long as you replace the beginning 3.14 with ZEROS.
9. If democrats sit around crying about voter ID laws, our side will lose.

Activists need to be out explaining how people can get ID and beat laws that are designed to prevent voting by some groups. Now is the time to defeat voter ID laws helping people get IDs.