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Hey Molon ...

Lay off the CIA. Is an "independent" agency set up to help and work with the government in power, to protect this country at the behest of the President. Their operations are designed to be covert and I detest it when they are accidently or purposely, exposed to the public.

These agents take their lives in their hands on a daily basis in order to do their highly risky jobs. Could you possibly imagine how much "intelligence" and guts it took to infiltrate Al Qaida in the first place, and then get out alive after?

All of the above ... I must admit, written by an advocate of author Vince Flynn's unflinching "Mitch Rapp" character! ...

Never-the-less, I did mean every word of what I wrote.

I believe they are part of the problem. I don't believe they are flag waving "Patriots". They are not called the "Presiden'ts Personal Army" for nothing.