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How would you like me to vote on your marriage? Are you or your wife remarried? If so, then we should have the right to vote on it because it goes against traditional marriage. Feel intrusive? That's how gays feel.

I just watched a legal expert from Elon University talk about how the warnings was gave about amendment one are true. We also heard these warnings from experts from the UNC School of Law. North Carolinians took the words of ACTIVISTS over LAWYERS, so honestly I'm a little bit cold toward them right now. I can't help but think whatever happens to them in light of this new law, it's their own damn fault. I have this thing against WILLFUL ignorance.

Oh, and I was upset with Obama in 2010. I felt that he was too controlling. I felt he was bankrupting us, so I voted Republican for the most part. I'm not making this up, I did. I really did. For the first time in years, Republicans got a hold of the house and senate here. I ALWAYS knew Republican politicians in my state could NOT be trusted, but I did it anyway. Why is it that almost any time I vote Republican, I regret it? I expected the Republicans to lower some taxes here and to bring some jobs to the state. For the most part, they didn't lower taxes here. They're still high as hell. What they did was use their new power to target the gay people. I feel betrayed, and you know what? With the exception of Howard Coble, I will NEVER EVER, and I mean NEVER vote for another Republican again. NEVER.

And you know something else? Conservatives are really good with charity, but they're piss poor in regards to our healthcare needs on a legal basis. They proved that again tonight. I'm about to get completely behind Obamacare. 100% I was considering giving Romney a chance. I'm not convinced that Republican politicians are worthy of our trust. If you support this amendment, then you're not a reliable person to trust in regards to our healthcare.

And you want to know more? I'm facebook friends with the former president of the College Republicans on my campus. She was really snarky after Bush won last time. She spoke about how badly she was treated as a conservative woman. She went to law school. She actually knows this amendment. She just declared she won't vote Republican anymore after this. You don't know how many allies you pissed off with this. I may have been arguing with you all on the boards for years, but I often voted Republican. I totally did in 2010. I did so in 2006 for the most part. Not anymore. If this is what they do when they get power, then the heck with them. They may have gotten their way with this amendment, but I'll work tooth and nail to make sure they'll regret it in November. I'm not the only one.
Wow! This is disappointing...

Why are you attacking SR and SLW? Do you know their marital backgrounds or religious beliefs? Stand back and take a breath...
Secondly, what warnings did you hear?
Third, don't be so quick to hand your freedoms and life over to any faceless entity (healthcare)

As for Republicans being "at fault", slow your roll sparky. This was a vote of, for and by the PEOPLE! Everyone with a vested interest in this, voted. Your side lost...