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Obama Releases Statement On Lugar ‘Retirement’

Obama Releases Statement On Lugar ‘Retirement’

The White House released this statement Tuesday night from President Obama, following the defeat of Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN) in his Indiana primary. The title refers to the “Retirement of Senator Richard Lugar” — a standard form that the White House has used when senators have retired — though Lugar’s circumstances are obviously not the usual, voluntary ones.

Statement by the President on the Retirement of Senator Richard Lugar
As a friend and former colleague, I want to express my deep appreciation for Dick Lugar’s distinguished service in the United States Senate. While Dick and I didn’t always agree on everything, I found during my time in the Senate that he was often willing to reach across the aisle and get things done. My administration’s efforts to secure the world’s most dangerous weapons has been based on the work that Senator Lugar began, as well as the bipartisan cooperation we forged during my first overseas trip as Senator to Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan. Senator Lugar comes from a tradition of strong, bipartisan leadership on national security that helped us prevail in the Cold War and sustain American leadership ever since. He has served his constituents and his country well, and I wish him all the best in his future endeavors.
Liberals are all about "protests", and the size and the duration of the "protest" seems to define how popular the idea behind the protest is, and consequently who or what will win in an election.
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3. No, the Repubs are overextended.

The teabaggers aren't nearly as enthusiastic as they were in 2010.

I think, and Markos Moulitsas thinks, that we have a real chance of keeping the Senate. What this GOP primary did was take a mainstream Republican (I use the term loosely) and replaced him with a batshit crazy tebagging loon, which means that a seat that used to be an assumed re-election for Lugar is now a potential Democratic win!
dejo1957 (25 posts)
4. You forget rule 1 of conservatives

They don't pay attention until a few weeks before the election. The tea party is bigger and more organized than it was in 2010. The idea that because some want to believe it isn't makes it so is ridiculous.
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5. They are also far more unpopular than they were in 2010

They may be more organized than they were in 2010, but I have a hard time believing they are bigger. When was the last well attended Tea Party rally you heard of? Hardly anyone shows up to their events any more. They have built up a strong organization but that is because they have completely merged with the GOP which already had a powerful organization, but the more people see the Tea Party members elected in 2010 the more they dislike them. In 2010 many people believed the Tea Party was a genuine grass roots movement, but as they have become more and more intertwined with the GOP the more people realize there is nothing grass roots about them. I predict the majority of Tea Baggers elected in 2010 will lose their seats in 2012, don't get me wrong it won't be an easy battle for us but the Tea Baggers are vulnerable to big losses this year.
Kaleva (7,227 posts)
6. There used to be signs announcing teabagger meeting galore where I live a couple of years ago.

I haven't seen such a sign now in months.
Dems always think that whoever makes the most "noise" wins..........and then they are horrified and shocked when they don't "win" whatever issue they are pushing.
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22. President Obama is placing coals on Lugar's head.

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Making him do a slow burn after losing tonight.

Whoever said that President Obama doesn't know what he is doing?
Not surprising that the "President" USES graciousness to gloat. Same as that middle finger scratch his cheek kind of thing, huh?