Because DU is an echo chamber they think that THEY are the MAJORITY (along with Obama, of course) and everyone else is the minority.

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The President has taken wedge issues the GOP usually excel at and turned them against them

How did he do that?

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1. Intelligence?
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2. Our President

IS a genius

I think he is finally playing that 3 dimensional Chess
I don't think that gay marriage has EVER won in a state where it has been put to a vote.

Sure there are going to be many who will vote for Obama despite his views on gay marriage............but there aren't going to be many who wouldn't have voted for him that decide to do so BECAUSE he approves of gay marriage.

The only way this is "smart" is not all the gay people are donating to his campaign....the one that was way off the money mark he wanted and expected.

Sure Obama agrees with gay marriage.....he always has....but HE IS PLAYING THEM....and they lap it up.
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5. we have a leader who is smart and

willing to fight. Bill Clinton was like that. Other Democratic candidates in my lifetime, not so much. The rest were usually smart but had no game.