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I'm so tired of seeing that Romney's behavior was acceptable back then.
No it was not.

I've seen various permutations of that over and over again here at DU.

It's not true.

Yes, there was a different culture. but what Romney did wasn't acceptable back then. And it is germane to the campaign today.

It demonstrates a streak of cruelty and callousness toward others who are different from Romney. That is actually part of the narrative against him- that he can't empathize or understand people who don't live in his privileged gilt lined world. It's a prominent thread in the fabric of his life.

We shouldn't just dismiss it or say that it's no more relevant than Obama smoking pot when he was a kid or eating dog when he was 8 and lived abroad.

Mitt Romney was a thoughtless, cruel bully and he still is.
LOL. It kind of defeats the accusation when they have to go back 50 years to find an example.

Meanwhile Obama was a doper (and maybe still is, who knows) and a bully, but they don't think that's applicable.
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1. Yep. Most people didn't assault other kids when they were young

no matter when they grew up.
Obama did.