Tennessee Gal

Remember those rebate checks W was so proud of sending us?

Rachel, in her brilliant way, pointed out last night that the Obama administration also gave us a rebate. However, they did it in a smarter way, of course. They gave it in smaller increments through our pay checks, which meant that instead of receiving a check of a few hundred dollars that many just saved for a rainy day, Americans are getting a small amount weekly or monthly and are more likely to spend it and stimulate the economy.

The problem Rachel pointed out is that the Obama administration has done a poor job of telling the American people about it! W announced his rebate with great fanfare just like his "Mission Accomplished" moment.

How many Americans think of the small amount more they are receiving in their pay checks as a rebate and give Obama credit for it? Very few.

1. Rachel is the best we have

And yes it sucked the way the previous administration did their rebate. It was intended to get votes where with Obama its intended to put more money in our pockets day to day, week to week, month to month and in a more dignified way.
Our press is in the pockets of the rich and powerful retilicons, err I mean republics, dang it republicons, hell I give up
Bow are they fucked.....