Agenda 21 is a blueprint for sustainable development using global warming as the motivator. ICLEI is an offshoot of Agenda 21. Simply put, ICLEI is local governments for sustainability. The UN sees Agenda 21 succeeding by infiltrating the smallest levels of government, thus ICLEI is a means to an end.

If you are wondering why you keep hearing so much about sustainable development, smart growth, open spaces, environmental justice, social equity, TDR’s, population control, Eminent Domain, and redistribution of the wealth [which includes land not simply money], it is because the Obama administration is infiltrating every aspect of our society with it via executive orders and agencies. It’s been around for twenty years, but he put it on steroids.

A good example is Obama’s executive order 13575 which pushes Agenda 21 into every aspect of rural America. It cedes U.S. agriculture to international guidelines under the authorship of the UN. Obama in effect is signing the Kyoto treaty without a physical signing. He is ceding U.S. agriculture to the U.N.

Obama’s 86th Executive Order 13575, signed in 2011, mandates government control over 16% of the rural lands in America, but it will extend outward into every aspect of our lives. It represents a massive & organized infiltration of Agenda 21 into the United States societal fabric.
Senate Bill S510 Makes it illegal to Grow. Share. Trade or Sell Homegrown Food