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  1. #1 Unemployment Benefits Ending for 93,000 Californians Tomorrow! 
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    On one side I feel for them, but on another, after 2 years they couldn't find anything? Wonder if they will be voting Obama?
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    I love the way they touted the unemployment rate! Almost, like, "We gotta keep it high so that the state qualifies for federal money".

    No, a lot of these people are really in trouble. Can't sell their house, and no job within driving range. When we moved to Texas in '90 there was an oil recession going on and Texans were abandoning houses all over the place. I'm sure that's going on in California, but Californians lack the independent, we'll-just-do-it-this-other-way attitude.
    Texans Rock! Californians, not so much.
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