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  1. #1 Walker up by 9-points in new WI Recall poll, WI Dems upset with DNC 
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    It's argue and blame game time over at DU.
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    Walker up by 9-points in new WI Recall poll, WI Dems upset with DNC
    I thought when Walker polled almost as many votes in his meaningless primary as the Dems did in their competitive primary that he has more support than we have been willing to admit. However, I still think we can win it, but it will be hard work and a big grass roots effort--I will be making calls all this weekend:

    With that in mind, what better way to celebrate Mothers Day than by asking 1,219 likely Wisconsin voters who they plan to elect on June 5? Here are the results:

    Poll type:: Automated Date: 5/13//2012 - Participants: 1,219 Likely voters - Margin of Error: ± 2.81%
    Candidate Percent
    Walker 52%
    Barrett 43%
    Undecided 5%

    While other polls also show Walker in the lead, no one is suggesting that this race is anywhere near over. Walker only leads among self-described Independent voters by 47.6%-44.6%, and the underlying numbers seem fluid. Still, some of Walker’s detractors have been vocal about the fact that Walker was duly elected in 2010 and in most states would not be able to be challenged with a recall without greater cause. And a whopping 95% of those called said they plan to vote in the June 5th election which will have the national spotlight on it.

    (not sure about how valid this poll is)

    Wisconsin Democrats Frustrated with Lack of DNC Support
    Greg Sargent: "Top Wisconsin Democrats are furious with the national party -- and the Democratic National Committee in particular -- for refusing their request for a major investment in the battle to recall Scott Walker... The failure to put up the money Wisconsin Dems need to execute their recall plan comes at a time when the national Republican Party is sinking big money into defending Walker, raising fears that the DNC's reluctance could help tip the race his way.

    Come on Mr. President, get involved and raise some ads and do some commercials and maybe even visit the state in support of Barrett!!!
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    4. We could let the DNC know that we expect SOME of our money to go there. . . n/t
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    34. We should be calling and e-mailing the dnc and letting

    them know that we will not contribute any more to them unless they help in WI...we can contribute directly to the candidates...f--k them...
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    69. the labor protests may not have been popular either

    say you have 50,000 ticked off teachers protesting in Madtown. That's a big protest to be sure, but the state population is 5.6 million. So 50,000 people may be very upset, but how do the other 5.4 million people feel about it? Some may see it as a bunch of privileged people agitating about their own benefits. A big or long protest does not mean you are winning people over to your side. The actions we take should be calculated with an eye on the prize - an eye on the majority of people.

    That's one of the ways it happens. Our side blows of a majority of the people, perhaps because our side does not really care for a majority of the people.
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    27. I'll tell you what it would look like

    It would look like Obama actually APPEARING at the Wisconsin protests last year,

    or maybe even MENTIONING them LOUDLY once or twice in sentences that composed of

    more then ten words, more than the one time I recall it.

    It would look like him coming out STRONGLY and squarely AGAINST the

    Repuke governors' union-busting in the Midwest states, although, come to think

    of it, that would merely make him look like a truly DEMOCRATIC president

    that was NORMALLY pro-labor.
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    8. They blame the DNC? Who here sends money to the DNC? Have you seen the many posts.....

    of people bragging that they told the DNC to take a hike? Where is this money supposed to come from? We can't spend the kind of money that the GOP and its shadow groups can. But I understand someone will have to take the blame for this, and I'm gonna guess it'll be the president and the DNC. Am I right?
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    18. People hate that man yet are still willing to vote for him - WTF?

    Is this like Stockholm syndrome or something? He is one of the worst governor in America - yet people want to keep him ruining... er running things. Have the Koch Brothers just bought Wisconsin or what?
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    19. I don't believe it.

    There is NO way that poll is accurate. Not after the wonderful turnout and the WI capitol building. The right wing must be manipulating the polls again.
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    20. I think the reason the WH and DNC aren't in is because it's a lost cause.
    there was never any real chance for this to work, period. Between hate radio, Big Media, voter purges, and the hatred/mistrust of labor by a lot of DINOs, the recall was probably 100-1 shot a priori.

    Many DUers light into me when I say things like the camping out in Madison make the participants feel good but are pretty useless. But it's true nevertheless. If you want to take the country back start with a really serious effort to get the media back.
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    Yea... Their canidate is Tom Barrett. That alone should tell you why their losing.

    This was a letter to the editor in the WJS

    Barrett Has Earned Our Support

    Candidate Tom Barrett is a nearly lifelong, elected public servant who has earned our support in the May 8, 2012 Democrat primary in the Wisconsin gubernatorial recall election.

    Since being elected mayor of Milwaukee (a picturesque, Rockwellian city in the southeast corner of our state filled with loving, caring, fiscally-responsible and hard-working people) in 2004, Barrett has helped the city move forward, earning the distinction of being declared “Ninth Poorest City in the United States” by the Brookings Institution.

    Without this honor, it is hard to imagine that German-based uber-discount grocery concern Aldi would have brought much-needed stores to the metro area. It is not a stretch to say that every time a Milwaukeean wheels a load of affordably-priced artificial fruit beverage to his or her car and returns their einkaufswagen to the lock-down area in order to get their quarter back, they have Mayor Barrett to thank.

    In a way in which few other liberal mayors of mid-sized American cities with declining populations can compare, Barrett has worked tirelessly to ensure that his city’s property tax levy steadfastly increased even while its bond rating was being downgraded. His city’s school system has gone from national laughing-stock to a model of success, where nearly 28% of high-school freshmen can write and read a full, complete, and coherent sentence. Over the past eight years, his city’s waste-water treatment authority has pumped more untreated and partially-treated human waste into the Great Lakes watershed than any other city in the United States. Take that, Chicago!

    Barrett is a determined, logistically-minded visionary who has consistently displayed an aptitude for managing up to two projects at once. His use of the “Blue Ribbon Task Force” as a delegation tactic is almost without equal. He can control the weather with his moods, and is an avid golfer who once shot a 38-under-par on a regulation 18-hole course, including 5 holes-in-one! Also, he invented the hamburger.

    Mr. Barrett has presided over a change in the manner in which crimes in his city were responded to and/or statistically reported, giving several Milwaukee residents who have been waiting for the armed robber to leave their house since last October the impression that crime in their city has been drastically reduced, or eliminated altogether.

    At a time when employers are running from urban areas in droves, Mr. Barrett’s Milwaukee has managed to buck the trend, bringing an astounding three employers to his city during his tenure – even managing to encourage one of them to relocate their corporate headquarters from the fairer-climated, cosmopolitan metropolis of Glendale, over five miles from their previous location! Can that evil Walker boast a similar accomplishment?

    The crowning achievement of Barrett’s mayoral tenure, his ‘Milwaukee Streetcar’ project, will transport riders across a route nearly two full miles long – in a way that no bus or cab (both of which will continue to traverse the same route, far more often, at a fraction of the cost) ever could. This will give Milwaukeeans what they’ve long dreamed of:

    Infrequent, unpredictable, Eastern-European-style mass transit, affording them a direct conduit to and from a variety of area law firms. This is the type of sound progressive leadership that Barrett, as governor, soon will bring to Wisconsin.

    Many of you will recall from news accounts just a few summers ago that Barrett is also a hero, and knows what it feels like to get repeatedly beaten with a lead pipe. That is why he, more than any other candidate, can relate to what it will be like living in the state of Wisconsin with him as your governor.

    Barrett is the clear choice, and has earned your vote and mine in the May 8 Democrat primary. Of all the Democrat primary candidates who haven’t already signed contracts pledging their support to unionized public employees in exchange for dump trucks filled with soft money, Mr. Barrett is the one best positioned to beat Walker in the June general election.
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