Shame that a parody news site has to point out the blatantly obvious and that is that the MSM(minus Fox News) is so in the tank for Obama that it ignores the basic tenets of journalism.

Sadly, the scenario shown in the cartoon is a complete fantasy...and for all the wrong reasons.

Although the mainstream media is perfectly happy to report breathlessly about Mitt Romney's hair-cutting prank which happened 45 years ago, you're unlikely to hear anything about the latest huge pile of decapitated bodies in Mexico... victims of the drug cartels like those armed by Barack Obama's oddly-named "Justice" Department.

And perhaps the reason we're not hearing about the drug cartels is because it might remind the American public that the whole "Fast & Furious" gun-smuggling fiasco has been swept under a rug by Barack Obama and Eric Holder without any answers. And that's a growing phenomenon which bothers Hope n' Change deeply.

Specifically, our alleged "news" organizations now routinely drop stories not because they've been resolved, but simply because their 15 minutes in the spotlight is up and it's time to move on to something - anything - to entertain and distract a dimwitted and memory-impaired populace.

Think about it: when was the last time you heard any story embarrassing to the Obama administration pursued to an actual conclusion? Have we heard who's to blame for the wretched spending excesses and lavish Las Vegas parties of the GSA? Is the media updating us regularly with reports of how it was possible for the Secret Service to turn into "Guys Gone Wild?" Or who in the government leaked the top secret details of the undercover "underwear bomber" operation, severely compromising international intelligence-gathering operations?

And of course, the media ignores the little matter of Eric Holder refusing to produce documents to congress about "Fast and Furious" which might reveal whether the program's stealth goal was to institute tougher anti-gun measures in the United States...but does find time to praise him for making a speech to the NAACP about Trayvon Martin and (surprise!) the need to institute tougher anti-gun measures in the United States.

The abject failure of American journalism isn't news to readers of Hope n' Change Cartoons. We've bemoaned the abysmal state of the mainstream media many times in the past. You're probably sick of hearing about it, and we're certainly weary of watching things go from bad to worse.

But unlike the news media, we just can't let go of such a serious issue until there is some genuine resolution and we return to a time when public officials will be held accountable for their actions and misdeeds.

We just wish we could believe that someday, somehow, it will actually happen. Link