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You flat out told me shit. You brought up that one singular medium that a small % of people even no exist let alone listens to that brought up a particular news story. Even the web site mentions that the MSM mentions certain stories. What their point is that while the Romney "bullying" story remains front page news, Fast&Furious, the Secret Service hooker scandal, etc are either put on the back pages of the Metro section or swept under the rug completely. Why no pursuit of the truth behind these things? The reason is clear and that is because further pursuing these things might hurt Obama's chance at re-election. Had these things happened under Bush, rest assured the media would have pursued these things with the tenacity of a shark going after a wounded fish. So I ask again, where in this is it simply propaganda? Of course you'll just dance around this and give back a snarky answer. Oh, and rest assured that the headless bodies story will go away as well.

Several More Secret Service Agents Tied To Scandal Likely To Lose Their Jobs

Escort Offers New Details Of Secret Service Scandal

Secret Service Tightens Conduct Rules Following Prostitution Scandal

Senate Hearing Set On Secret Service Scandal Probe

I can do this all day on just about any serious story you want to mention. It is being covered in the Media of which NPR and PBS are part. To say no one has heard of them is absurd. Hell, Republicans piss and moan about them all the time.

But if you want to watch and listen to crap that competes with other crap, don't complain that it is crap.