Lead Story
First Academy Awards ceremony, 1929

American Revolution
Georgia Patriot Button Gwinnett receives fatal wound in duel, 1777

GM dedicates new technical center, 1956

Civil War
Union wins the Battle of Champion Hill, 1863

Cold War
U.S.-Soviet summit meeting collapses, 1960

A nurse steals another woman's unborn baby, 1975

New York City establishes hospital for cholera victims, 1849

General Interest
Louis marries Marie Antoinette, 1770

Warsaw Ghetto uprising ends, 1943

Protests mount in France, 1968

Japanese woman scales Everest, 1975

First Academy Awards ceremony, 1929

Voltaire is imprisoned in the Bastille, 1717

Mary Wells gives Motown Records its first #1 hit with "My Guy", 1964

Old West
Outlaw Dick Fellows is released, 1881

Senate acquits Johnson of high crimes and misdemeanors, 1868

Magic plays center as a rookie, wins championship, 1980

Vietnam War
Accident at Bien Hoa kills 27 U.S. servicemen, 1965

Navy Corpsman receives Medal of Honor for action, 1968

U.S. bombing destroys main fuel line, 1972

World War I
U.S. Congress passes Sedition Act, 1918

World War II
As Brits launch Operation Chastise, Germans launch Operation Gypsy Baron, 1943