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  1. #1 Driver Busted For 5th DWI In 5 Weeks 
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    Ah, my home town finds it's way into the news. I was wondering why on my way home I saw every local news van hovering around the courthouse:

    NJ man charged with 5th DUI in 5 weeks

    VINELAND, N.J. - May 16, 2012 (WPVI) -- The New Jersey man who made headlines this week after it was revealed he had been charged with DUI four times in five weeks has been charged with DUI yet again.

    Vineland police say 45-year-old Anderson Sotomayor was arrested shortly before noon Wednesday following a traffic stop.

    Police say it all began when a concerned citizen called to report that Sotomayer was driving. Police were able to catch up with him and allegedly observed him driving erratically.

    Authorities tell Action News police pulled Sotomayor over at the intersection of Park and Crystal avenues in Vineland at 11:59 a.m.
    Sotomayor allegedly had an open can of beer in his lap when police pulled him over. Police say he also admitted to taking oxycontin this morning and refused to take a breathalyzer. Rest of the story.


    This is crazy. And due to the way the law is written, he can't be held more than 12 hours and unfortunately, it takes time for things to go to court but I have a feeling that even when they take this guy's license away forever, which will undoubtedly happen thanks to a law called Michaels law(who's killer was once housed on my housing unit), as well as jail time, this guy is still going to drive and will, not maybe, but will end up seriously injuring someone or killing someone. This guy needs to be locked up because he is an obvious danger to society but nope, some lawyer will find a way to make sure this guy goes free.
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    Sotomayor ... hehe... a 'wise' drunk was he? Sorry, couldnt resist.
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