Reusable grocery bags can infect people with the norovirus, which yearly hospitalizes 800,000 people and kills another 800, a infectious virus that causes severe vomiting and diarrhea.
And as more cities like Los Angeles try to ban plastic grocery bags, reusable grocery bags will be more omnipresent in these cities, causing greater public health dangers.
A study will be published this week in The Journal of Infectious Diseases that solves the mystery of how a “a nasty outbreak of norovirus infections in a group of soccer players” left a soccer team ill.
The culprit was a reusable grocery bag, exactly like the ones people will have to use if more cities decide to ban plastic grocery bags.
The study found that the reusable grocery bag that infected the soccer players were contaminated with “the perfect pathogens.” More disturbing, though, was the reusable grocery bags could transfer the norovirus without person-to-person contact. ...