So this transgender bull rubs me the wrong way. First of all, that 5 year old 'boy' will have 1 hell of a time explaining to her, i mean his, friends why she, i mean he, has breast, and why she, i mean he, bleeds every month.

I've had plenty of friends, including my future fiance, mostly girls, go through the 'tomboy' phase. Hell, even I can relate to females, I read the babysitter club, watched degrassi(teen HS drama show lulz), and I enjoy romantic evenings/knight(me) sweeping my wife off her feet etc. but am I a 'girl' because I like those things?Hell no.

People need to understand that society only survives when there are defined rolls for each gender, women are child-bearer's, so while they are pregnant in the cave, the men go out and bring home sustenance, and while a man is physically bigger to protect the woman, the woman gives guidance to the man. The problem with transgender is that gender rolls are defined by society and are in no way restrictive of genital packages, women wear pants and have short hair, men wear long hair and paint their nails. That right there destroys the notion of 'identifying' as a different gender.

One of my good friends from school loves spider-man, picture in article of the girl, i mean boy, climbing into a spider-man bunk-bed, she wore short hair when she was little and she enjoyed doing 'boy' things, and she literally wanted to be a guy; that is until puberty hit and she started gaining curves and more attraction to boys...

remember how boys usually think girls are 'icky' up until middle school? Well, my parents tell me when I was a baby I would grab a french fry and turn around and check out the other girls :P, and when I was in kindergarten I chased this girl around kissing her on the cheek The funny thing is that girls are usually the ones to start being attracted to boys first, so I guess I was an odd-ball.