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Soooooooo glad I stumbled across this thread. This guy has been slumming around my house with my roomate for the past three months. For some reason he thought he could play soldier and we wouldn't catch on even though we are all veterans. I didn't really pay to much attention to it until I found this thread. There has got to be someway to stop yahoo's like this from doing what he's doing. This guy has been lying so long he ACTUALLY thinks he is a soldier. I know people who have known him since he was 5 years old and even they thought he was still in the military. He actually is a apartment complex maintenance guy and unless someone can think of a way to hold him accountable for this he has no problem dressing up every weekend and playing soldier. I mean geez he even dresses up as a immigrations officer and says that is his "side job" and he has a phone that he uses as a "government phone" when he tells people he is a recruiter. Isn't there SOMETHING that can be done to help REAL veterans hold onto to what we have without it being wasted on degenerates like this? I understand this is "freedom of speech" but how is this not illegal?
Unfortunately, unless it can be proven the poser gained financially from his deception or he wears certain protected awards he gets a pass. Back in my day, we had a practice called "attitude adjustment" it involved a blanket and several bars of soap encased in socks. But, of course, that would be wrong