Billionaire Plans Another Effort to Defeat Obama

Billionaire investor Joe Ricketts, who dropped plans for a $10 million advertising blitz linking President Obama with the fiery race-based rhetoric of the Rev. Jeremia Wright, "is involved in another effort slated for this summer, a documentary film based on a widely criticized book, The Roots of Obama's Rage by Dinesh D'Souza, which asserts that Mr. Obama is carrying out the 'anticolonial' agenda of his Kenyan father," the New York Times reports.

"Mr. Ricketts's aides said he was one of roughly two dozen investors, providing only 5 percent of the film's budget. But his involvement shows how the more strident attacks against Mr. Obama, which Mr. Romney's aides view as counterproductive, continue to find backing even as the Republican Party and the Romney campaign seek to keep the focus on the economy."
Rosa Luxemburg
1. This shows how desperate Republicans are

if they can't fight the election on the issues then it shows what greedy, low life they are.
Yes I'm sure Obama will fight the election based on the issues and his record.
wilt the stilt
2. These people have so much hate in them

I almost feel sorry for their miserable lives. ALMOST
Coming from a DUmmie, that's rich.
4. Attack documentaries must be a growth business about now

Get some editing equipment and a video camera to do some interviews and man-on-the-street stuff and you should be able to find enough RW backers to oversubscribed to your project. Makes The Producers look like a how-to video. With a ready audience, any semi-skilled film student could be setup to make a small fortune in the next few months with almost no risk.
Michael Moore not withstanding.

This is what the DUmmies missed this past week:
Posted on the official Chicago Cubs FB page:
Today the New York Times reported a super PAC was reviewing proposals to run a controversial political campaign against President Obama. The report alleged Joe Ricketts, father of Cubs board members Tom, Laura, Pete and Todd, was behind an anti-Obama "Ricketts Plan" and commercial. The Chicago Cubs are not involved with and do not believe in the use of divisive issues in this year's presidential campaign. Cubs Chairman Tom Ricketts issued the following statement: "As chairman of the Chicago Cubs, I repudiate any return to racially divisive issues in this year's presidential campaign or in any setting—like my father has. My focus is on one of the great American pastimes, baseball. And our team and every other Major League Baseball team are great examples of people of diverse backgrounds working together towards a common goal. I shall have no further comment on this or any other election year political issue. My full-time focus is on making the Chicago Cubs a World Series champion preserving Wrigley Field and making the Chicago Cubs a great corporate citizen."
Don't let reality stop you, DUmmies.