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  1. #1 U.S. sailor is 3,000th Afghanistan war death 
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    U.S. sailor is 3,000th Afghanistan war death

    Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan J. Wilson, 26, is the 1,974th U.S. death in the war.
    U.S. sailor is 3,000th Afghanistan war death
    By the CNN Wire Staff
    updated 5:32 PM EDT, Fri May 25, 2012

    CNN) -- A U.S. sailor who died last week of medical complications was the 3,000th death among coalition forces in the Afghanistan war, according to CNN's count based on information provided by the U.S. Defense Department and the International Security Assistance Force.

    Petty Officer 1st Class Ryan J. Wilson, 26, of Shasta, California, died May 20 in Manama, Bahrain, the Defense Department reported in an e-mail Friday.

    Wilson, assigned to U.S. Naval Forces Central Command in Bahrain, was supporting the Afghanistan mission, the e-mail said.

    He was the 1,974th U.S. death in the war that started October 7, 2001, and the 3,000th overall death from the U.S.-led international coalition engaged in Operation Enduring Freedom.

    unhappycamper comment: Our Nobel Peace Prize President is responsible for at least 1,337 of the total number of American deaths in Afghanistan since February 2009 -->

    I'm puzzled with the "Stay the course" message. Staying the course while the slow-motion Tet of 2012 continues in Afghanistan seems somewhat westmorelandish to me - remember when the US Army proudly declared that the town of Marjah was finally pacified in 2005/2006? Moving forward to 2012 -->

    I'm also puzzled with President Obama's military budget as well as his stance on drones to kill people around the world. Granted $160,000 isn't all that much for a Hellfire missile but I do not think it's appropriate to kill people because we don't 'like' them.

    DAMN you bush!! Oh...wait a minute....obama is in office now. Lets see the outrage they gave bush with all the deaths.

    Now may god give this fallen soldier family peace and comfort.
    Lets just paint some happy clouds over at the sunshine and lollipop land
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    2. C'mon now..

    killing those we don't like along with a few innocent civilians and then not giving a fuck, is the American way...
    You wouldn't know the American way if it bit you.

    RIP Ryan Wilson.
    Good men sleep peaceably in their beds at night because
    rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.

    Real superheroes don't wear capes. They wear dog tags.
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    Not that it doesn't happen every day but this is one of those
    special days where the DUmmies really show their true colors.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    The only good thing about Obama being in office is that the vulture media has stopped touting the body counts from OEF as a reason to cut an run. Notice the absence of piles of boots representing our dead at antiwar rallies (which have also disappeared, even though the war hasn't). Hypocritical lowlives, the lot of them.
    Sic Hacer Pace, Para Bellum.

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