I'm sure Mitt/Donald have done marketing surveys that show birther is a perfect cover for the n word

No more guilt, I'm not racist i'm a birther. That guy from Kenyan should not be allowed in the WH.

Laugh all you will but this will stick. It's a major problem. It gives people a moral and righteous cover for their bigotry.

This is not a joke but physic warfare and the President needs to stepup, get out of character and scream at Mitt and Trump lying and disresecting his mother.

Logic is not going to work. You have to get in their face.

2. That Birthers are concentrated in the south Proves that
Golly, that's sort of racist. And when did Donald Trump move down south?
3. We were JUST talking about this, I'd respect Trump a lot better if he'd just call Obama the n word

...hiding behind all these other terms is o punk
What nut bags.