Lead Story
Bismarck sunk by Royal Navy, 1941

American Revolution
Thomas Jefferson writes to John Adams, 1813

Golden Gate Bridge opens, 1937

Civil War
Lincoln's suspension of habeas corpus is challenged, 1863

Cold War
SALT agreements signed, 1972

Murder suspect spends third day perched on crane, 2005

Tornado levels Texas subdivision, 1997

General Interest
St. Petersburg founded by Peter the Great, 1703

The Battle of Tsushima Strait, 1905

Golden Gate Bridge opens, 1937

Solzhenitsyn returns to Russia, 1994

Hollywood power couple welcomes child, 2006

Hard-boiled mystery writer Dashiell Hammett is born, 1894

Dylan's breakthrough album, The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan, is released, 1963

Old West
Commanche kill mountain man Jedediah Smith, 1831

FDR proclaims an unlimited national emergency, 1941

Mark Donohue sets record at Indy 500, 1972

Vietnam War
U.S. warships begin bombardment of Viet Cong targets, 1965

Sweden announces support to Viet Cong, 1971

World War I
Third Battle of the Aisne begins, 1918

World War II

British evacuation of Dunkirk turns savage as Germans commit atrocity, 1940

U.S. Olympian Louie Zamperini’s plane goes down in the Pacific, 1943