By Rachel Emma Silverman
Are you a ninja? A Jedi? How about a rock star or guru? If so, employers are looking for you.

The number of job listings with the term “ninja” have increased some 2,505% in May 2012 from May, 2006, to 469 job postings from 18 listings, according to an analysis by, which aggregates job listings across the Web. The term ninja is mainly used in postings for software developer jobs—sadly, none was for actual mercenaries trained in martial arts—the analysis found. (Hat tip: the TLNT and Resumator blogs)

But can he code?
Employers seeking a “Jedi,” meanwhile, have increased by 67% in the same time period, mainly among tech companies, while “rock stars” or “rockstars” have risen by about 810%, mainly for tech, sales and marketing jobs. “Gurus” and “evangelists” are also in high demand. Microsoft, in particular, likes using the term “evangelist” in job postings, according to’s analysis.

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