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  1. #1 A Friends Confrontation at a Family Gathering About Supporting Romney. It Gets UGLY! 
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    ***WARNING...Another PITT LONG STORY!!!***

    Sun May 27, 2012, 02:52 PM

    A Friends Confrontation at a Family Gathering About Supporting Romney. It Gets UGLY!

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    Sorry this post is so long.

    A close friend of mine told me this story and I just had to share. Is it fair to call this person a typical Romney supporter?

    A friend of mine had a small family get together yesterday and her Aunts house. Most her family is Republican but usually never talks politics. Well, all but one. A cousin and her husband just can not resist to tell everyone no matter where they go that they are proud Tea Party supporters. They can not go a minute without telling the crowd or anyone who is within ear shot how much they HATE Obama.My friend and her boyfriend have been together now for about 6 years and some in the family made it clear they feel she should be married or at least engaged. You see, my friend lives with her boyfriend and the family see this is them living in sin. This is very important because it comes up this weekend.So, my friend goes on to tell the story:

    'Back in January we celebrated my Uncle's 75th Birthday and this cousin of mine talked about how much she and her husband supported Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry. Those were the two they supported and talked about how God Awful Mitt Romney was. They hated the fact that he was a Massachusetts Governor and his health plan was basically Obamacare. The things they said about Mitt were just terrible. They expressed their hate towards him the same as they do with Obama.

    In March we got together again this time for my grandparent's 55th anniversary. This time she was throwing her support towards Rick Santorum. They liked Newt but didn't think he could win. They thought Mitt was shameless the way his big money trashed Newt. She went off again about how dishonest and mean Mitt Romney was and swore they would not vote or support such filth. Forget they she and her husband had supported Michelle Bachman and Rick Perry. No, pretend that never even happened. Now they were one hundred percent behind Rick Santorum and he was the ONLY ONE who could beat Obama. They tried to make people think they were behind Santorum all along. The way they trashed Romney was just over the top.

    So, now flash forward to this past Saturday. Memorial Day weekend. Nice little family get together. My boyfriend and I were there not even 5 minutes when my cousin and her husband came over and started in. They spoke about how much they adore Mitt Romney and how he is going to beat Obama in November. I could not keep quiet. I reminded her about how much she hated Mitt and this cousin went off on me. She said that was not true. She claimed she supported Mitt a year ago and he has been the one they supported all along. She said she liked Bachman, Gingrich, Perry, and Santorum, but they were never strong enough to beat Obama. My boyfriend even stepped in and said no, he recalled just a couple months ago how much they both hated Romney. This was really pissing them both off. Both of them raised their voices and were getting visibly angry. My Mom came over,asked what the trouble was and I told her. She told me to stop talking politics and try and get them to calm down. My boyfriend just walked away and I changed the subject. They just bought a new house and I started asking them about the house and that seemed to work for a while. Although after about 20 minutes she went off on me about how I am a typical Obama supporter who has to lie. She repeated the claim they she and her hubby have supported Romney since day one. What pissed her off was she then went around telling people how her and boyfriend were lying about her. She said she was secretly campaigning for Obama here at a family event by lying about them not supporting Romney when they said they did.

    Then she began asking them when they were going to get married. She reminded everyone that they were living in sin. She asked her boyfriend if he really loved her cousin and then began asking questions trying to hint to everyone that he might be gay. She began asking us questions that were personal, cruel, and inappropriate.Then she came back to bashing Obama and telling everyone how she was lying claiming that she said all these terrible things about Romney. She said they were lies and claimed she never said a bad word about Romney. She was not letting up and no one in the family was asking her to stop or coming to our defense.So, after about 40 minutes,we left. When we left no one really said good bye or acted like they wanted us to stay. To me and my boyfriend it was clear why we were leaving so early.

    We went out to eat and then to a movie. I got over it pretty fast thanks to my boyfriend. He knew how to take my mind off things. Still, I was angry and pissed. I felt like I should have said more in my defense and called out some of the lies she was saying about Obama and the Democrats. Then I thought of something.

    Back in January and March, my boyfriend took his camera and shot the 75th Birthday of my Uncle and the 55th anniversary of my grandparents. It took no time to find, on both occasions we found footage of both my cousin and her husband BASHING Romney like you would never believe. The video does not lie. You can clearly see her and her husband. You can clearly hear them. I don't remember this but at one point she even made a clear death threat. We counted on both occasions and she praised Bachman and Perry and said ONE OF THOSE TWO WERE GOING TO BE THE NOMINEE. Then she bashed Romney something awful. Then, we have on tape her saying SANTORUM WILL BE THE NOMINEE, THERE IS JUST NO DOUBT ABOUT IT. She then bashed Romney something awful including a very disgusting slur towards him that even I was offended by. Between the two, we had 17 minutes of her bashing Romney.

    Now, I want to upload it and send it to EVERYONE on Facebook and who was there Saturday. My boyfriend says if I do, I can NEVER go to another family gathering again. Don't know what to do.'

    That's her story. I can't tell her what to do but I hope she does. She said she will send it to me if she does and if so I will post it here.

    So, is this a typical Romney supporter or what?


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