They are so predictable...

Mon May 28, 2012, 10:00 AM

I Am Becoming Embarrassed For My Country As A Veteran

I really wonder what I served for and why I served these days.

In Denver we will have an ordinance where it is technically illegal to be homeless in the city. If you down in public you will be arrested or harassed to move on. It is a new kind of vagrancy law.

If you want to vote you have to go through a gauntlet of paperwork and pay a fee so you can exercise your right.

If you are poor, have no work, unemployed, are old or sick, are a minority, you are a slacker and a thief on the public dole.

If you are public servant or a teacher you are a freeloader, a socialist or a communist.

If you are rich and a thief which most super rich are you are admired as a moral pillar of the community.

So many people in this country believe so much GOP and conservative crap that we are becoming unrecognizable as a compassionate nation.

The fact that a jerk like Romney is any kind of presidential material makes me sick. I would never salute that bastard except to give him the single finger salute.

Vets who have died in a country that would support the GOP policies have probably wasted their lives. A GOP AmeriKa in not America anymore.