So it's Memorial Day yet again and once more normal Americans are bombarded with justifications as to why those of us that wear the uniform of the U.S. Military are not heroes.

Those of us that follow the antics of the DUmmies get bombarded with the could stench of the anti-military types more than others.

But you know're right DUmmies...we're not heroes.

I know this is going to lead some of the lurking DUmmies to scratch their heads and wonder if I'm leading them into a trap.

I'm not I promise. We're in agreement on this point.

See myself...and I believe I speak for every veteran on this board...didn't sign up expecting a red cape and a big red S on our chests.

We didn't wake up one day and decide that the path to hero status was enlisting in the military. It was something more than that. Something you morons will never understand in your self centered "me me me" world you live in.

The ones that going looking for some kind of hero status are either quickly disillusioned with true military life and get out after a couple years...or get killed trying to be that hero they signed up to be.

Ask any recipient of the Medal of a man they will tell you what they did wasn't heroic and that they aren't heroes...they were just doing their job...or ding what needed to be done to save their buddies.

Me personally...I look at it as repayment for being able to live in the greatest country in the world.

Now you may be asking yourselves "then why get so upset when we post our threads"...well...that's an easy one.

While none of us look at ourselves as heroes and that we felt a calling to serve and protect this great nation...the one thing that pisses us off to no end is having people that live within the freedom provided by the 1.5 million men and women in uniform tell us hat they think we're a bunch of baby killing war mongering murderers. It reminds me of some spoiled brat child...unappreciative of what they have.

You DUmmies are unappreciative of what you have in this country...because you've never had your rights as an American citizen truly threatened or taken water what you claim.

No we're not heroes...but neither are we deserving of your unappreciative...ignorant ...completely cluless mockery either.

Have a good Memorial Day.

You're welcome.