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  1. #1 The Democrats have demonstrating yet again they are unfit to lead 
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    Will Democrats Ever Recover From Obama?

    The Democrats have spent a year demonstrating yet again why they are unfit to lead the nation and perhaps unfit any longer to be a major political party.

    A year ago, they were the default option and seemed to have the '08 election in the bag. All they had to do was step up and act responsibly. Then along came Barack Obama starring in a self-produced one-act drama about a fictional hero named Barack Obama.

    The New York Times and Washington Post swooned. They rushed out rave reviews and embellished the script with additional exaggerations of their own. So did CNN and the networks.

    Soon, the high-octane prospect of a left-wing charismatic with bonus points for race and a claim to historic significance became irresistible. Before the rank and file caught on to the media hustle, Barack Obama walked off with the nomination and ownership of the Democratic Party.

    Now the Democrats are compounding the fraud by foisting him off on the voters. The Barack Obama they are peddling is a media-created virtual person endowed by his creators with characteristics that do not represent the real Barack Obama. Millions of people are being duped.

    The fictional Barack Obama may win the election in November, but if he does, it will be the real Barack Obama who will occupy the White House and exercise nearly untrammeled power over the lives and livelihoods of 300 million Americans. Therein lies the enormity of the trick the Democrats are playing on the American people.

    Why should Americans of African heritage invest their hopes, dreams and identities in a Chicago pol with an unsavory past replete with radicals, racketeers and racists, a borderline Marxist agenda and a doubtful attitude toward America and with whom they have nothing in common other than skin color?

    How many Reagan Democrats want a left-wing collectivist in the White House, especially one who has no respect for them and their values? Even "liberals" do not actually like to pay high taxes or want the economic pie to be made smaller.

    And nobody looks forward to a more authoritarian government. Who, for example, wants a government bureaucrat telling them which doctors to use, what medical care they can receive and when?
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    Quote Originally Posted by megimoo View Post
    Who, for example, wants a government bureaucrat telling them which doctors to use, what medical care they can receive and when?

    Inner city welfare sponges love it. Saves them from having to think or take responsibility for their lives - and these pleebs are a key democratic voting block.
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    Padding a resume is one thing exaggeration is, after all, a part of politics but it is quite another thing to paper over discomfiting parts of a candidate's resume and condemn those who ask or wonder why. The Democrats are insulting people's intelligence and making a mockery of the electoral process by asking them to vote for a figment of the media's imagination.

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