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Who is watching The Hatfields and The McCoy's Part 3? I didn't realize how violent it was. Being I am from West Virginia, I didn't realize one of my best friends Lexi McCoy is a relative, she just told me. I know alot of McCoys in Wheeling WV. I didn't know they are direct descendants of them.
I have been watching this series. My biggest question is, is it based on true facts or a bunch of Hollywierd bull?

Never fear! Liberhistorian is setting the record straight!

5. The West was VERY VERY violent.

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I know a lot of its true history isn't really taught in either schools or colleges, but, before things settled down and it developed an infrastructure of law and order, it was the epitome of violence. And not just because they were going about the work of systematic genocide against Indians, either, although that was a part of it. It really was every man/family for themselves for quite awhile. That was both part of its appeal and one of its greatest drawbacks.
Geography FAIL!