On your next anniversary or any other special occasion, don’t get your sweetheart the traditional bouquet of red roses. Get them some bacon roses.
Things you will need. (Because there’s more to this than just bacon… Duh.)
- BACON – regular pack and thick cut if you want different sizes of roses. Otherwise, just use the same kinds of bacon- 2 packs
- Rose Stems (Find a bouquet of fake roses at Walmart, Joann’s, or any other craft store.)
- Mini Muffin Pan
- Broiler Pan
- Drill with bit (1/8″ bit, but any similar size will work)
- Glass Vase (If you want it to look nice.)
- Gravel or marbles (Or any other item of similar weight and size to put inside the vase… Again, this is only if you want it to look like a classy bouquet of bacon roses. Presentation is everything, buddy.)