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  1. #1 Most "European" People will Believe almost Anything Negative About America 
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    Self-Fulfilling Prophecy?

    What emerges is that most "European" people will believe almost anything about America — as long as it is negative.

    LONDON — Are American voters susceptible to blackmail? Ever since Sarah Palin lifted John McCain's campaign, it is becoming increasingly clear that America will be branded racist if Europe does not wake up on November 5 to find that Barack Obama has been elected.


    Here is what Jonathan Freedland of the Guardian had to say last week: "If [the election] is deemed to have been about race — that Obama was rejected because of his colour — the world's verdict will be harsh."

    His view is that the anti-Americanism that has demonized President Bush will be as nothing to the global wrath that will greet a McCain presidency. "Suddenly Europeans and others will conclude that their dispute is with not only one ruling clique, but Americans themselves."

    Such self-fulfilling prophecies are to be heard at all the most elegant dinner tables in London. This week's crash on Wall Street is already evoking a new round of gloating among those who always wanted to believe that the free market was ultimately doomed.

    Now both American democracy and American capitalism are on trial in the court of European public opinion. And the only plea that the court will accept from America is: guilty.

    I am tired of the prejudice and ignorance of Europeans about America. And I am sad, though not surprised, that the U.S. government's public diplomacy has been so feeble, not to say non-existent.

    Instead, it has been left to a few lone voices to defend America against the calumnies of its enemies. Notable among these is a new Web site,, which is already up but will be officially launched next month in London.

    It is the brainchild of Tim Montgomerie, the founder of the most successful political Web site in Britain,, and the polling entrepreneur Stephan Shakespeare. Both are British citizens and receive neither funding nor other support from America.

    One of the best things to appear so far on is a poll of British attitudes toward America. What emerges is that most people will believe almost anything about America — as long as it is negative.

    For instance, 58% believe that "polygamy is legal in some parts of the U.S.A." In reality, of course, polygamy is illegal everywhere in America — unlike Britain, where it is illegal in theory but in practice Muslim men can claim welfare benefits for more than one wife and Muslim leaders have refused to agree to a new marriage contract precisely because it required men to waive their "right" to polygamy.
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    why do you put European in quotes?
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    I'm really having a problem caring what "European's" think of America. In fact PISS OFF comes to mind right away.
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    I live and rub shoulders regularly with many brits and europeans half of each year in Thailand. And I can say that there is some truth to this article. Don't blame them though. I have read their papers and watched the international version of BBC etc and that is where these opinions are started. Much of the international media is anti-America and anti-west.

    I have a friend, and yes I consider him a friend, that BELIEVES that before January Cheney/Bush (his order) will create another fake attack (9/11 was one in his eyes) to declare martial law and stay in power. Oh, and if Obama is elected in his opinion he will be assassinated within a month. He actually BELIEVES this shit.

    Having said that, many of the more intelligent free thinkers from europe see through the biased media and recognize the US for what it really is. Not evil, not perfect. Just another nation doing its best to go forward. And one od the best allies Europe has ever had and a primary reason Russia didn't roll over all of Europe in 1945.

    In any event, the opinion on the streets of europe mean little. It is the actions of their governments that make a difference and in that area we have been making headway for the last 5 years in both Germany and France. I think Italy also moved more in our direction. And you can believe that having an energized and aggressive Russia pushes some of them back to the bosom of the evil military USA. :D

    In the end, who cares? I always tell my far left euro friends that spout off about Obama and that they have no voice. It is OUR president we are electing and they can just deal with whomever we choose.
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    Myths about America abound. Some 70% believe that Europe has reduced carbon emissions much more than America — the opposite is true; 80% believe that America sold Saddam Hussein a quarter of his weapons, the true figure is 0.46% — it was the Russians, Chinese, and French who supplied most of his arsenal; and 45% believe that Americans are more likely to be racists than Europeans, yet there is still no European Obama and in reality different racial groups in America have an overwhelmingly favorable opinion of one another.
    Sadly, we have too many Americans who actually believe this nonsense.
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    You should see what American's will believe about Europe... Well, the one's that have heard of Europe anyways..

    Oh wait, there's generally 4 or 5 threads in General Discussions at any time with scaremongering propaganda about Europe....

    The lies about Netherlands, with their legal drug/prostitution culture and mainstream atheism, get especially elaborate and outlandish at times.
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