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    Quote Originally Posted by hampshirebrit View Post
    I'm hoping this isn't happening in the UK. A lot of food comes from Africa and S. America as well as from the EU, but I don't recall seeing China on any of the labels so far.

    Manufactured goods, though, that's a whole nuther thing. All my kitchen appliances (Bosch) and home/mobile computing toys (Apple) were made there. I got a teddy bear from toys r us for a 2 year old recently and every single one they had on offer had a made-in-china label stuck to it.

    Where possible I'll avoid buying stuff made in China, but it's becoming more difficult to do that these days.
    It's more common then a lot of people realize. In a new global market. Of cheap labor in China and expensive gov regulations and union cost. More and more companies are fleeing to China.

    Remember a few years ago almost any thing had a "Made in Mexico" label. Well now even those companies are moving to China. Its even more cheaper labor. And the people are better skilled.

    Its a new fluid world. And companies will continue to exploit it. In time, if inflation continues and rising fuel prices. They may decide its just cheaper to make it here then there.
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    There have been many reports of dog deaths from jerky treats from China, masquerading under major US company brands. I got started on my extreme label watching after reading so much of the number of doggie deaths.

    Trader Joe's had some dog treats that seemed to be OK. I checked every word on the box, but all it said was "packaged in the US". That was a red flag. I asked one of the employees, and he couldn't find the origin of the contents. I put the box back on the shelf, not willing to take a chance.

    I've noticed that most of Publix tilapia is farm raised in China or Indonesia, at least at the local Sarasota Publix stores. I bought it once. It tasted alright, but decided not to take a chance. I doubt very strongly that Publix has a representative there. Even if they have, I don't hold the integrity of China in high regard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hawkgirl View Post
    I always buy local honey when I'm in GA. There is a huge difference in flavor from supermarket brand.
    Always buy local honey and best if bought on the side of the road right outside the pasture land. It helps allergies tremendously.
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