Lead Story
Crackdown at Tiananmen begins, 1989

American Revolution
Former Massachusetts Governor Thomas Hutchinson dies in England, 1780

U.S. Supreme Court rules against Du Pont in General Motors suit, 1957

Civil War
Union disaster at Cold Harbor, 1864

Cold War
Bush and Gorbachev end second summit meeting, 1990

Van der Sloot arrested for murder in South America, 2010

Natural gas explosion kills 500 in Russia, 1989

General Interest
President Adams settles in new capital, 1800

Duke of Windsor weds, 1937

An American walks in space, 1965

Lew Wasserman dies, 2002

Larry McMurtry is born, 1936

Rock and roll is banned in Santa Cruz, California, 1956

Old West
Western author Larry McMurtry is born, 1936

President John Adams moves into a tavern in Washington, D.C., 1800

Josh Gibson hits ball 580 feet in Yankee Stadium, 1937

Vietnam War
Le Duc Tho joins negotiations in Paris, 1968

Nixon calls Cambodian operation a success, 1970

World War I
U.S. President Woodrow Wilson signs National Defense Act, 1916

World War II
Germans bomb Paris, 1940