Would politics be better if someone like John McCain were running for president? President Barack Obama seems to think so.

In a case of strange bedfellows in American politics, Obama and his re-election advisers are waxing nostalgic for the man the president defeated last time around. They’re embracing McCain as a reasonable voice on climate change and immigration, someone who took on extremism in his own party.

It’s all a way of drawing a contrast with Obama’s current Republican presidential opponent, Mitt Romney, and trying to convince crucial independent voters that the GOP challenger is outside the mainstream.
If these guys consider McCain "mainstream" then hallelujah Romney doesn't resemble that so much.
But the president’s flattering memories of McCain conflict with their campaign clashes of 2008. Back then, Obama hammered his rival as “out of touch’’ with many of the problems facing Americans.

And the platitudes of today conceal the reality of Obama’s current dynamic with McCain. The Arizona Republican remains one of the president’s staunchest critics on everything from health care to foreign policy. He’s also a vocal Romney supporter.

To hear Obama tell it now, the McCain who ran against him in 2008 was an example of a principled Republican who knew how to reach across the aisle. The implication from Obama is that those qualities simply don’t apply to Romney.
Again, GOOD.