A careful examination of California's presidential ballot will reveal the names Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Roseanne Barr.

Yes, that Roseanne -- along with 22 other candidates for the White House.

Since President Obama is the only Democrat running here on Tuesday and Mitt Romney's competitors have fallen by the wayside, it's a foregone conclusion the two will easily win their respective contests and eventually secure their party's presidential nomination. But for voters not satisfied with those choices, there are alternatives, including Barr, a Green Party candidate.

"This campaigning stuff is really grueling," Barr told Fox News in an interview. "If you didn't really believe in what you were doing, I don't know why you'd want to do it."

Even some of Barr's fellow Green Party members think her run is more a stunt than a realistic attempt to shape public policy. She may lacks the polish of most serious candidacies, but Barr's recent performance in a debate with leading Green candidate Jill Stein showed her firm handle on issues she calls common sense: help for small farmers, increasing taxes on the wealthy and forgiving billions of dollars of student loan debt.
Liberals are so wacky. This is more proof that King Obama is losing the folks.