Authorities said Thursday that they believe they have identified the man depicted in sexually explicit photos being put up in public areas of Bloomington and Eden Prairie.

One day after publicizing the postings, Bloomington Deputy Chief Rick Hart said police still have not determined whether the man "is a victim or suspect" in the postings.

Hart did not say whether police have located the man or talked to him.

The images have been posted at city parks and on utility poles and stop signs along well-traveled roads this year and last in the two Minneapolis suburbs.

Hart has declined to disclose much about what the photos show, out of concern of compromising the investigation, but he did say they are "very graphic and very obscene in nature." Photos police shared with the news media were cropped from the shoulders up.
Pervert or victim of an ex? Gay or straight? Any guesses? My money's on him being a victim of an ex.