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  1. #1 DU has concluded that Romney impersonated a cop and raped people 
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    My gosh, these "people" are creepy scumbags.

    Taverner (49,086 posts)

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    Did Mitt Romney rape anyone that he pulled over when impersonating a cop?
    For the uninformed - Mittens got a police officer uniform from his dad, then Governor of Michigan. He would attach a red light on his car, and pull people over.

    This is usually the behavior of a rapist or serial killer.

    So did Mittens ever rape anyone while doing this?

    What exactly did he say to the people he pulled over?

    Are there any unsolved rape cases from that period of time in Michigan?
    Oh, it gets worse. Much, much worse.

    datasuspect (23,325 posts)
    8. he hasn't confirmed or denied that he DIDN'T rape anyone

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    guilt by omission? you decide.
    kestrel91316 (39,378 posts)
    39. Jeebus H. Christ. I finally figured out who Rmoney has always reminded me of and you

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    are the one who gets credit. He has ALWAYS reminded me of Ted Bundy. Creepy creepy creepy.
    53. Yes indeed, and shades of these two serial killers. Kenneth Bianchi and Angelo Buono.

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    I posted this on another thread , but I am posting it again. Everyone need's to know about
    Romney's strange, dangerous behavior.

    Bianchi and Buono would usually cruise around Los Angeles in Buono's car and use fake badges to persuade girls that they were undercover cops. Their victims were women and girls aged 12 to 28 from various walks of life. They would then order the girls into Buono's "unmarked police car" and drive them home to torture and murder them.
    crunch60 (743 posts)
    61. And how many times have the 'The Birthers', like the pompous. blowhard , comb over guy Trump,

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    hashed over, debated and screamed about Obama's birth certificate!
    Oh, right. Accusations of faking a birth certificate = raping another person. Brilliant analogy.

    Uncle Joe (23,391 posts)
    27. That's a good and valid question, considering his abusive bullying behavior, cutting a man's hair

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    off as if God gave him the right to do such a thing.

    This would have certainly given Romney ample opportunity to rape or abuse someone, had they believed he was a cop and he pulled them over in a secluded area.

    Thanks for the thread, Taverner.
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    29. Mitt Romney needs to prove he didn't rape anyone

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    Otherwise - guilty
    Lots more of the same, but let's move on to the pièce de résistance. Don't read this one without moving nearby heavy objects out of your reach, because you'll want to throw something at your screen.

    I mean it.

    Last warning.

    Vincardog (16,203 posts)
    3. Some people say that there were a string of child rapes at that time. I will look for a link.

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    Told you so.

    This is the type of DU thread that needs to be copied and sent to people like Limbaugh and Beck as well as Romney and his lawyers.
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