More Election "Stories"...

Fri Jun 8, 2012, 01:48 PM

Another story from the restaurant

Normally don't eat breakfast but I couldn't sleep good last night so I was hungry and needed breakfast this morning so I shot up to the restaurant.

I heard the yelling before I got inside the place. There was a knock down drag out fight going on between two local farmers that I know and who know each other. They are actually very good friends. At least I thought they were. They are both wealthy conservative Republicans who usually agree on just about everything.

But this morning man, these two guys were going at each other like I have never seen two guys going after each other before without actual fists flying. They were arguing about WI., Walker, etc. One was for Walker and his policies and the other was vehemently against Walker. And I mean these two old guys weren't playing games. They were actually calling each other nasty names that I have never heard before over this deal.

Never seen anything like it. And I wasn't about to open my mouth. If I would have tried to reason with them and attempt to calm them down a bit they would have probably both turned on me they were so red faced and pissed off. I didn't say nothing. And you guys know me. I like talking. But this wasn't the time or place. Tell you that.

And the Walker fights continue! This time between two eeeeevil rich ReThugs!!!