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  1. #1 GOP Code Message Elect Us And We Will End All Pensions Immediately 
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    What an idiot...

    Sat Jun 9, 2012, 08:12 AM

    GOP Code Message Elect Us And We Will End All Pensions Immediately

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    What the GOP is saying is that they will stop all the checks for pensions, Social Security, Medicare and any government checks as soon as they take power. They believe these "entitlements" that are welfare on the taxpayer. Then the job creators will have all the money they need to start a new "age of prosperity" by ending all taxes on businesses and the rich like Kansas just did. With no regulations as well millions of jobs will be automatically created.

    The GOP is now totally open about their "scorched earth" agenda because they are emboldened by the Wisconsin outcome. You heard Christie we have to get rid of all the government workers. And they are serious. And they expect the police to bash heads of anyone who resists. That is the police and fire fighters are expected to protect the same politicians who will lay them off and take their pensions.

    Things are really getting screwy.
    It's funny and retarded at the same time. And there are DUmmies that will agree 1000% no doubt.
    May the FORCE be with you!
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    What DUmmies don't get is that we don't want to end govt altogether. We want to take away checks from the DUmmies who are perfectly capable to work.

    We want to end wasteful spending. Whoever doesn't support that is an imbecile.
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    They're on to us!!! Who leaked the memo???
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