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    I will be first and admit that I had never heard of The Cristeros War.

    The Cristeros War was fought in Mexico in 1928 - 29. Calles, the President of Mexico, was an atheist, and he outlawed Catholicism. Yeah. He forbade the wearing of religious garb and everything, and began deporting priests. Then, when the people rebelled, he began killing certain priests.

    For Greater Glory is the story of that struggle, which became a shooting war with many many Federales killed as well as civilians (Los Cristeros). The outcome is obvious, of course, since Catholicism thrives today in Mexico.

    We really enjoyed the movie & recommend it to everyone. But it won't be around long; there are no superheroes. You will want to stand up and cheer, and you will probably cry.

    Lesson: You can not separate people from their religion of choice!
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    I'll have to watch it, thanks!
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