Ok most of you know I have a Chihuahua and while house breaking has going pretty well so far he has had 2 accidents in the last for days in the house. One was caused by not taken him out soon enough.

I was told when you walk him take a treat with you and give it to him when he does his bidness where he is supposed to do it (along with verbal praise)

One thing I havent seen yet is him going to the door to draw attention to the need of him going out. For dogs that have to be walked and cant be let out into a yard (told not to do this due to the fact a hawk/falcon etc my carry him away) Does this take time? he's six months old and is over 90% trained. I just wish I could get him to let us know he has to go out. I know he is halfway smart he looks for the treat after he is done his bidness :D