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I can run down the road listening to my own music that i recorded in my own home. I can shoot off my front deck or wizz off of same depending on my preference. I can work and live where I want to because I worked at developing marketable skills which pay for my lifestyle. I had choices there, too.

I could have been a career criminal like my old man but at the last minute I chose the legal path. It's harder and less exciting but you generally live longer. The freedom and opportuniy we have is what makes this country exceptional. The wherewithal to act upon our freedom is what makes US exceptional. Those who can get up and do. Those who can't (or won't) sit back and review. It's all about the fight in the dog.
Or to a liberal like him (oh hell, all liberals are like him), he can choose to sit in mommy and daddy's basement and bitch and moan about an America and its government that he barely understands, while the rest of us pay for his laziness. That is "exceptionalism" to a liberal.