I never particularly was a "lady who lunches". Most of the time I've been working at my job and worked through my lunch hour. Now that I'm in lovely Sarasota, I've met some friends who like to "do lunch".

There's something called "Savor Sarasota". It's a two week promotion where the better (translated expensive) restaurants have a special menu and special prices. My friends decided to go to the Ritz Carlton for lunch. I hadn't been to the one here, although I used to go to company lunches in St Louis at the Ritz Carlton there. The difference is I wasn't paying for it in StL.

This "savor" business has to be a racket. The portions were tiny. The Ritz is elegant. The room was lovely, looked like a big ballroom. Even giving away the food (to their mind giving away constitutes a $15 lunch as opposed to their $24.95 lunch), the room was almost empty. I guess even at $15 people weren't going there in droves.

I digress. I had a French onion soup, presented nicely in a little crockery dish with the cheese melted on the top and dripping down the sides. The waiter, when asked, swore it wasn't salty. He lied.

The main entry was gnocci, tiny little potato dumplings. I think there might have been 7 in the tiny casserole dish, along with some mini, very tiny tomatoes, maybe 5 at the most. They were swimming in a sea of olive oil. It wasn't good. I'm still tasting it (ate at 1pm) They also had a tiny sliver of key lime pie. It probably was 1/5, maybe less, of a normal small piece.

All of it was served at once on a small tray. This way the waiter didn't have to waste time on us. By the time the soup was finished, the oily gnocci were oil logged. I don't think they accomplished their purpose, to inspire people to come there and pay their regular exorbitant prices. I was not impressed and wish that I hadn't wasted the money. I guess I won't be "putting on the Ritz".