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    Quote Originally Posted by Bailey View Post
    OTOH I saw two cowgirls in a wendys in Wyoming they look like they were on a lunch break from working on a farm, they were dirty and what not but they had to be the hottest women I have ever seen in person lol. Model hot...

    You're welcome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by NJCardFan View Post
    CITM was a straight up pussy.
    You guys do know that CITM is Generation Why, right?
    Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.
    Ronald Reagan

    We could say they are spending like drunken sailors. That would be unfair to drunken sailors, they're spending their OWN money.
    Ronald Reagan

    R.I.P. Crockspot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Madisonian View Post
    If you want to see a loser in the masculinity department, look up posts by a guy known as CaughtInTheMiddle or CITM for short.
    He had a couple of winners on here about some girl he was madly in love with that was shagging every other guy in sight but him.

    Most of us told him to just cut bait, but we did not understand. She was different and one day she would come around, blah, blah, blah.

    Look them up, its worth the laugh.
    I forgot about him. I know the perfect woman for him-my crazy ex-coworker who stalks men and blows guys she meets on planes in airport hotel rooms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by noonwitch View Post
    It's all the feminists' fault. Right.
    Here are a bunch of male posters, whining and crying about how sad it is that masculinity is no longer valued in our culture. Do you see the irony in this?!
    Are you kidding me? Do you see it? It's no different than your side telling me I'm a racist because I don't like Barry's policies.

    Right now in another thread there's a story about some group that wants kids to draw Spiderman wearing a tiara. Ridiculous, yes. Indoctrinating, yes.
    Be Not Afraid.
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