Khatiwala, S. Primeau, F. and Hall, T. 2009. Reconstruction of the history of anthropogenic CO2 concentrations in the ocean. Nature 462: 346-349.
The release of fossil-fuel-derived CO2 to the atmosphere by human activity has been claimed by many to have played a dominant role in 20th-century global warming; and as noted by Khatiwala et al. (2009), the world's oceans play "a crucial role in mitigating the effects of this perturbation to the climate system." As such, it is important to determine whether or not - and by how much - the strength of this mitigating factor might be changing with the passage of time.

Near one-to-one correlation. Shock and surprise!!

Clearly, there is no real "news" to report on this issue; and, therefore, one can only conclude that the Times merely sees the Khatiwala et al. publication as little more than a "golden" opportunity to promote the need for a "green" agenda, in the hope that no one will seriously peruse the materials they cite in substantiation of their claim.