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That the founding fathers intended the Constitution to be secular is beyond question; motions to include religious references at the Constitutional Convention were voted down. We know this from the 1788 pamphlet written by NJ-born Luther Martin, who was a delegate for Maryland.

The Constitution's secularism was decried by colonial clergy. John M. Mason, D.D. complained in a 1793 sermon that the "very Constitution which the singular goodness of God enabled us to establish, does not so much as recognize his being! ... From the Constitution of the United States, it is impossible to ascertain what God we worship; or whether we own a God at all ."
I saw this post and decided to Google it to see if his letter got published, and that's when things got weird. Check out the results I found searching for that first line that ends "beyond question."

It's found here: (May 1993 -- seems to be the earliest source)

here: (Aug. 2004)

here: (Jan. 2012)

here: (Oct. 2003)

and here: (Oct. 2006)

Also note that some of the texts are strangely slightly different:

"The Constitution's secularism was decried by colonial clergy." (DU post)

"The Constitution's secularism was duly noted by colonial clergy." (May 1993 and Oct. 2006)

"The Constitution's secularism greatly disturbed the colonial clergy of the day." (Aug. 2004)

I am most confused. I sense a ton of plagiarism going on. This is honestly one of the most bizarre things I've seen online. The mindless regurgitating of this material is astounding.