Has anyone seen Julia, the star of the Obama campaign’s ill-fated “Life of Julia” Internet meme? Julia’s friends and family say they are deeply concerned about her, since she has not been seen nor heard from since early May, when a slideshow about her life was unveiled with great fanfare by Team Obama.

According to friends, Julia grew depressed after she was panned by the masses on Twitter as everything from a welfare queen to “that chick who depends on everyone else for everything.” And the unkind tweets were just the start of Julia’s troubles.

She endured days of withering attacks in the media from the left and right, including an entire segment on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” when Mika, of all people (!) said women need to know their value and the Wall Street Journal ran an editorial painting the sad picture of “The Lonely Life of Julia.”

Even the nonpartisan took issue with a number of assumptions the Obama campaign made when it came to Julia’s pregnancy, her applications for Medicare and Social Security, and a surgery she had back in college (whatever happened to a girl’s right to privacy?)
The rest is at the link. Pretty funny stuff.