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  1. #1 Watchdog Group Says 12 Counties Have Too Many Voters 
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    Indiana was told to clean up its voting rolls in 2006 but according to new lawsuit filed by government watchdog group "judicial watch," it hasn't.

    According to the lawsuit 12 counties have more registered voters than people of voting age. That means people either died or moved away and weren't taken off of voter lists. This could open the door to voter fraud.

    But the problem could be bigger than just those 12 counties. 26 others have suspiciously high numbers of voters compared to the population, weighing in with more than 90-percent. Congressman Todd Rokita, who served as Secretary of State until 2010 says it is up to the counties to keep better books.
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    This is obviously a federal problem. Maybe somebody should tell the pending felon at the DOJ about this. He might just actually want to sue Indiana from fixing this.
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    I sure everything is fine. They probably just forgot to count the dead Democrats.

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